Town photo courtesy of Ette Milner

Mosedis ("Maishad" in Yiddish) is a small town in NW Lithuania.

Before World War II it was home to about 35 Jewish families and about the same number of non-Jewish families.

All but a few of Mosedis' Jews were murdered (The Fate of Jewish Maishad) in the Shoah during the summer of 1941. Like most of the Jews in the Lithuanian countryside, they were killed by armed Lithuanian bands during the first weeks and months of the German occupation. The killings took place in Mosedis and in nearby Skuodos and also in Kretinga. My own relatives - great-grandparents, aunts, uncles & cousins - were among the victims. In 2002 I traveled to Lithuania, and then began this effort to memorialize my "disappeared" family along with their lost community.

The purpose of this project and website is to make available the names, pictures, and evidences of Jewish Mosedis. A database of names and photos has been compiled. Please click on any of the three big buttons (on the right) to enter the database. A primary source list, compiled in 1945, can be viewed by clicking here. And you may wish to read another brief description of the website below.

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